Pagola Tents


Pagolas are an economical option to provide shade as well as protection from the harsh elements. These tents are supported by pegs and side poles and are pegged into the ground and can be extended to a required length.

With its characteristic appearance and high-grade material, it is very impressive and guarantees the quality of your event. Installed alone or in combination it provides an attractive vision for different uses. Its functionality allows quick installation and dismantling, combined with 100% safety.


The Pagola is applicable to all types of events. They can be applied as exhibition tents, marquees ,big party tents, wedding tents, corporate event tents, warehouse tents, garden tents, industrial tents, trade show tents, commercial tents, carport tents, military and relief tents, high peak mixed tents, etc.





Here are some of the options in Pagolas available at HenHar:

Tent Size (in meters) Sitting Capacity
Theatre Setting (Without round Tables) Dinner Setting (With round tables)
5 x 8 120 100
6 x 6 60 40
5 x 5 40 30