Multiplex Tents

Outside a Mutiflex Tent

Multiplex Tents are a great option for when you are wanting to hold a function in an area where there are no options for shelter. These tents can be used for anything from weddings to big corporate events and can hold anything from 50 – 1000 people, depending on size. The beauty about Multiplex tents is that they do not require internal poles for support, allowing for more room and freedom for movement.

They also do not require pegs so they can be erected on any surface. Give us a call today and find out how we can rock your event with these trendy tents. Here are some of the options available in the multiplex tent category:

Tent Size (in meters) Sitting Capacity
Theatre Setting (Without round Tables) Dinner Setting (With round tables)
50 x 12 1,000 500
40 x 12 1,000 400
30 x 12 500 300
Inside the Multiplex tent