Alpine Tents

3500-sitter Alpine with 10 corns

Our Big Alpine Tents are ideal for hosting large numbers of people outdoor, under one roof. These tents can be used for anything from weddings to big corporate events and can hold anything from 400 – 3500 people, depending on size.

These tents can be made to suit the length required for your event. HenHar will quickly and easily erect these tents for you, and are just as easy to disassemble. The Big tents offer a variety of options when it comes to the sides you choose, you can have windows or no windows, they also allow for you to add an open feel, by choosing not to add sides at certain parts of the tent.



1500 sitter alpine tent (4 corns)




Here are some of the options available at HenHar:

Tent Size (in meters) Number of Corns (Tent tips) Sitting Capacity
Theatre Setting (Without round Tables) Dinner Setting (With round tables)
30 x 60 10 3,500 1,500
30 x 20 8 2,500 1,000
30 x 40 6 2,000 800
30 x 30 4 1,500 600
30 x 20 2 1,000 400