Aladdin Tents

An Alladin Tent That Has Just Been Setup

Designed specifically free standing temporary structures for a variety of functions and events, Aladdin tents can be branded to allow for launches of products etc. They are quick and easy to install and can be removed just as easily and quickly.

The aesthetics of the Aladdin sets it apart from its competitors, offering an interesting alternative to the standard ‘pole-type’ marquee. One of their biggest advantages is the absence of side poles, tensile patterning and fewer anchor points required contributing to the ease and speed of the installation.

Although the Aladdin is not extendible, it is able to be joined to another of the same size, with a purpose-made, connection system. The unique shape of the Aladdin enhances its stability in windy conditions.

The Alladin Tent With Sits (Theatre sitting)

Here are some of the options in Aladdin tents available at HenHar:

Tent Size (in meters) Sitting Capacity
Theatre Setting (Without round Tables) Dinner Setting (With round tables)
18 x 12 300 150
12 x 9 200 90
9 x 9 100 30